A gym

I bought a membership to a gym recently. It seems like a nice concept. That is: you pay, they tell what to do with the equipment. Now the instructor has made me a program which requires: a) minimum 2 times a week one hour work out, b) 2 times a week stretching at home which lasts literally over an hour.

In practice, I try to go to the gym which near where I live every other day. I really can’t bother to stretch the same day even if it was useful… so I guess I make that the days I don’t go the gym. I think that’s pretty impressive: if I follow this program through, I will do about one hour of some sport every single day. That is more than I have done my entire life.

No irony intended at all… I think this is a great way to spend your time for someone who spends too much of it finding new “interesting” ideas for his dissertation 🙂 And, we’ll see how long my interest lasts and when it vanes, but at the moment this also feels more structured than swimming (and at least the single exercise takes much less time, I calculated that my swimming at a remote location, 2100 m at a time was starting to take more than three hours per exercise including the trips), and less repetitive than running.